Shawn O'Shea
Musician, writer, composer, producer




A veteran of the Canadian music scene, Shawn O'Shea has performed from coast to coast (including the Arctic) in clubs, colleges and stadiums. He has shared the stage with such Canadian acts as Kim Mitchell, Teenage Head, A Foot in Cold Water and Moxy as well as international artists like Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper and Taj Mahal. In 2001, he released his first solo CD 'Serfin' The Beat' containing 10 original tracks of the riff-rock he's well known for. Shawn's second CD, Rebel Station, featuring a dozen new songs was released in the spring of 2009.   Shawn produced the first CD (2000's 'Bay Ridges Blues') for Toronto bluesman Jimmy Fraser, and completed Fraser's second CD ('The Circus Goes On') in the fall of '07. He also handled the production duties for Canadian lounge-country artist Angus McHardy's 2002 CD 'Stolen Memories'. The spring of 2008 found him producing new Toronto singer/songwriter Laurie Harvey.   Shawn's other credits include his 18-song, pop musical 'Crazy Nights' (completed in 2007) and his science-fiction novel, Sister Snow. A sequel to 'Sister Snow' is on the drawing board, but no completion date is currently set. 





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