From 'The Passion Parade'
So raise a glass, and skip confession . .
Cuz there's no shame in this procession
You took some knocks, you learned a lesson . .
And Life goes on 


Excerpts from 'Sister Snow'
That's when Jessica realized there was only one way to explain
the shocking evidence . . . there was no God! In any case, not a god
in the way Taurians always believed there was. What she'd stumbled
upon was that quirk in theoretical physics all other Taurians had
overlooked. It was painfully obvious that what she'd seen in the Trench
wasn't a communication from God, but a man-made signal emanating
from somewhere . . . '

- - - - -  - - - - -  - - - - -                              

(Love looking down into the pit where he had imprisoned Jessica Snow) :
"There you go . . . always thinking of others! I really like that
quality in a person . . . . now, sadly, we must get on with the
proceedings. I'll give you a minute or two to pray . . "






In a world where global warming has banished most of the population
to undersea cities, a psychotic blackmailer with a deadly viral weapon
threatens the lives of millions in the present . . and the future.
Sister Snow's reclusive life is shaken to its foundations when she
accidentally stumbles onto previously impenetrable secrets of her
sacred order, forcing her to question everything she believes in. Her
hopes of a second chance with newly found family and friends spiral
into an 'Alice-in-Wonderland' like nightmare, with ruthless criminals
making the stakes much deadlier than she could've ever dreamed.





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